Sunday, February 10, 2013

Lost for words..

Cant find the great words to possibly thank my family and my friends who have been a part of my smile last February 8, 2013. I am so happy to have you as a part of my life.Smiley

On my birthday, i got wake up birthday girl morning kisses from my mom and dad. Greetings from my Facebook, Twitter, BBM friends, i got a blow up on my phone too, from unexpected calls and texts! Ate at Jollibee with my super friends, cause i wanna feel young again, I shared a piece of my blessings to those mentally ill patients of Ward 9, i couldn't put into words the happiness it made me feel when they said "Thank you". Smiley Had a birthday date with my Boyfriend watched "Warm Bodies" which was worth the money and time. A funny twist on a classic love story, a tale about the power of human connection. 

then took off to get some hot choco and went to the boulevard just to hang out and just talk about those silliest things we could ever think ofSmiley
So, that pretty much made up my day. Those little things.Smiley

Friday, February 1, 2013

The Making..

I've never been a studious type of person. Never did I studied my butt off just to have a high grade, I settle with what's okay, or just pass it. Which is downright wrong. After a four years of schooling, Finally, I'm Graduating and taking the Nursing Licensure Exam soon which is probably 5 months and 4 days away from now and i perilously need some focusing and studying to do. Smiley OHH  just screw the numbers i get panic attacks when i hear about NLE.

Days just seem to pass too quickly that i need to start getting serious, first in my to do list is to make me a study corner with a table, a bright white light and all those other necessary materials for studying. Don't get me wrong I do have a great lighting and a table in my room but its just not for studying purposes. Its more of a dresser, for my girly needs.

This kind of study area might give me the push to study.Smiley

Pink with White study table, a long table and a comfy chair.

Some cork boards and white boards may help!
That kind of lamp is a must!

MUST HAVES; 1.) Post it 2.) Highlighter


I will post in on my wall to waken my senses that i should strive hard to pass the Board Exams!
Cant wait for my study area. I 've got a lot of catching up to do, Right Nursing books?

Mom gladly said YES to the idea of a MiniStudyArea. And will start tomorrow! *exited!

Do you think I forgot something? What else do you think would help my study area look more appealing to study?
Drop a comment below! xxxSmiley