Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmas 2012 Wishlist

Hello Bloggers!

Its the time of the year where you get those Christmas socks hanging at your door, and create a very lengthy--almost impossible wishlist and wish Santa would get your letters and make those elf's work double time and just wait 'till you get presents on Christmas Eve.

So, how is the Holiday Traffic?  Were you able to shop already? What is in your Christmas wish list and in your Christmas Shopping list? Christmas is in 7 days and I still don't have any idea on what to give my dear family for Christmas but now they will have an idea on what to give me! HO-HO-HO! 

Basics are in my lists!
Flats for everyday use, Wedges for special occasions or when i just feel extremely short, Dresses to suit my girly mood, Sachel bags cause i don't have one and A Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 which will come as a very useful device.

Till my next post! :)
Comments are appreciated. xxx

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