Friday, December 21, 2012

Hello Changes!

Goodbye 2012, Hello 2013!!!

 Count down 'till 2013 . Waving Goodbye to a blissful year, and welcoming a new year, more things to discover and do, having a new look, saving a lot more,  and hopefully a year where we try to get things right. :)

I had my last haircut a year ago, and i had it cut straight. I have a very long hair, and it makes me wanna have layers since i curl my hair almost everyday when i get the chance to. I've always been scared of having a hair cut, people from the salon just cuts it too short, even though you tell them just trim it, trimming goes up to 4 inches long, and it just makes me unhappy.

Moving on, This year I vow to stop putting on too much chemicals in my hair thus thinking of having my last dye, dye-ing my hair black again. I don't know why but I don't like how black is gonna look on me, I've been having brown/light blonde hair since high school, and i couldn't imagine me with black hair. I don't know if i could pull of the look with a black hair. Hence, with all the chemicals I've been putting on my hair, I've been drowning my hair in almost all treatments that i could find in stores and salons, to hair conditioners, to hair spa treatments, power dose, to keratin, and to hair reborn which helps my hair smooth and easy to manage. I must say, I love my hair too much that I don't care how much I spend just to make my hair look good, like they say "Girls hair has always been their crowning glory. "

So you? What are you up to this New Year?

Till my next post. :)
Have a great day. xxx!
Christmas is in 3 days. 

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