Saturday, January 19, 2013

Fun Under the Sun ☼

My first outfit post; I really never have fun when i'm under the sun, except this day. My friends and I went somewhere and just had fun!

This is my super classmate, seatmate, cheatmate, friend Laeny. She's a very frugal person, she taught me how to do small business and helped me save more!Smiley

What she wore;
BAG; gift from Dave (that's my bag)
TOP; UK. (Ukay-Ukay)
BOTTOM; Leggings from Bazaar
Footwear; RedLogo

I just couldn't help but love the sun at this point. I've never been a outdoor type of girl, I would choose to just at home and miss the lovely sun set.Emoticons

What I wore;
Sunglass; Sprinto
TOP; Bayo
BOTTOM; SM department store

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