Friday, January 11, 2013

January Haul.

Hello readers! (If i have any)

Shopping is the cure for the blues and it makes me HIGH!

This week was like one of those moments when you contemplated for hours whether to go for something, back out then kid yourself for being such a wuss then finally, finally doing it. I might see myself as a very insensitive person for doing what I did, but i know comingoutofsomwhere I should do it. Since i'm very unhappy over a loss of a companion, bestfriend and a lover, I guess I'm trying to be happy by just getting things that will make me happy. :)

So this week, I went on a retail therapy (which is actually very therapeutic) and bought things that I don't need.

January HAUL;

Dress from @houseofkeezelle on Instagram or HouseofKeezelle of FB.
-Floral cute dress.
Dress from Cliffe
-Cute dress to wear when im feeling lazy.

Top from Bayo
-This top was what i really wanted PINK.BLACK AND WHITE

Top from Truth
-Aztec Print


Perfect Eyebrow Pencil from Avon
-Dark Brown - Must have tool inside your make-up kit!

St. Ives Apricot Scrub
-Blemish Control

Since my hair is too damaged by hair dyes, rebonding and thermal styling tools, i decided to pamper my hair;
  Honea CPR
-Care Protect and Repairs rebonded, chemically straightened. permed, and frequent blow-dried hair. 
  Honea Powerdose
 -Regenerative hair supplement for dry, brittle, course, porous or heavily damaged hair caused by hair dyeing, perming, straightening and frequent exposure to thermal styling tools.

Need to buy new lippy's
-PepperyPink - My favorite shade as of the moment and its pretty CHEAP too :) 

  Wet n Wild -I actually purchased this last year from Jannie of UnicornDeligh2012
-Dollhouse Pink

  Mary Kay Lipgloss
-Pink Luster

What do you think of the things?

Till my next post!   


  1. Super dami! :) Love the makeup items you got! You reviews on them will be awaited!

    1. The First one to comment. :) Ohhh.<3 Thank you Sharina. Read your blog and I love it.