Friday, January 18, 2013

Gods Gift

It was the 12th of December 2010 when God sent us an Angel.

An angel that got no wings but gives us the miracles.

Angel Ysabella Lao-Atilano; was her name, What i could recall was the sudden news that the baby has complications and as of that day I wasnt sure of what was really wrong with the baby, a congenital defect. Im not sure if i just couldn't understand the deep medical words the doctor and other specialist were saying or my mind just refused to understand what they were saying. Severely shaken and confused, i prayed and i pleaded with God to make the baby okay. Ysa was normally delivered but had facial defects and brain abnormality. And there we were asking God if shes not for us take her away we need not want to see her suffer. But shes a fighter. Ysabella has been through a lot, from everyday medications to surgeries. "GOD ALWAYS HAS A PURPOSE" Im beyond thankful that despite of everything Angel Ysabella came into our lives. Who knew that this little baby is the most wonderful thing that could happen to us. ❤

 Taken on her First birthday
Taken on her 2nd Birthday

Sweet Smile

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