Saturday, January 26, 2013

Separation Anxiety

“Some of us have real dental problems. And for the others it’s just, well, fashion.”

Brackets + Wires= Braces.

3 years of constant battle with food caught up in your brackets, uncomfortable feeling and mouth sores is ALMOST OVER.Smiley

I am oath to get rid of this metals in my mouth before this year ends. Just in time for my 3rd year anniversary with my braces. And I'm pretty much excited and jittery at the same time. Having braces for 3 years and having it removed is like getting into a party with someone and getting out of it with someone else "The Retainers" plus! the much better teeth. I am so ready to detach those metal wires on my teeth and give the world my best smile.


Well to start to whole process of my braces, the Dentist extracted 4 tooth and yes i kept it. *laughs
I could post a photo of it, but some might think its sickening, so just comment if you like. HAHA

*Here is a photo of me way back 2009.

 Moments of eating uncontrollably. This happens. Smiley

and here is my recent smile :) Cant wait to be UN BRACE-FACED. 

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