Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Love is sweeter the second time around?


People are crap. I can talk because I know that I can be crap. People let youdown, we’re selfish, we’re mayabang, we have annoying habits like chewingwith our mouths open or tapping shoulders with everything that we’re saying.We manipulate eachother, we don’t spend enough time listening, we alienate each other then bitchto each other when other people don’t have time for us. We smell funny, we spend way too muchtime on our looks, we think the music that we like is better than otherpeoples’, we think we’re smarter than each other, better looking than eachother, and we always, always think we’re right.

It’s even worse when we’re in love. 

We’re jealous, possessive, irrational, and crazy when we’re inlove. What’s worse is, centuries and centuries of poets have romanticized thesequalities making them seem like the wonderful and insane effects of thisfever called love. It’s stupid how people still want to be a part of thiswhole thing when it’s clearly evident that it makes us the worse versions ofourselves that we could ever be.

I might have said that I lost him, but I never had, i found my way back into his loving and caring arms. Feeling all kinds of emotions at once is the kind of thing you want to feel. Been together for 2 years and still hoping for the best for the years to come. I might say that Im truly am happy to be with this guy. Some say im the lucky one and others say he is the lucky one. But im pretty sure we're both lucky to be in each others arms. So giving love another shot! 👍❤

"Hold on to the things that make you happy"

This photo was taken when were visiting my dad in the hospital, and then he tied that ribbon on me and said im the gift that he had always wanted.🎀🎁

This was taken December 11,2012 at Ysabellas 2nd birthday.

Atfest 2012 🎇🎆.

Summer 2012 ❤

Valentines day 2012

First Anniversary date❤❤❤

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