Friday, January 4, 2013

Starting 2013 will continue/start doing/having..

starting 2013 (which already started, im already 4 days behind.) I will continue/start doing/having..

2) Lots and lots of out of towns trips (hopefully)
3.) Save and Save and Save 50-70 %of my allowance. [UGH, Can I just say, this is the most challenging goal I will ever try to do, so far]
4.) Eat less, sleep more
5.) For Febuary my birth month, finally, for once and for all, be able to think of something I really WANT to do for my bday!! and i still dont know what i want. Maybe my own Laptop? I dont own one, yes im a loser! pbhhtt. 
6.) Decide whether to have a second course or just be a nurse.
7.) Study hard!!! for the NLE.
8.) Start drinking coffee to wake me up when studying.
9.) Not die of starvation.
11.) Hey hey hey, learn how to cook other dishes.
12.) Learn how to bake cakes.
13.) GO PARTY minus the smoking and drinking. ;)
14.) I will not ever drink alcohol at all. Sorry friends,  now I will love you by remaining sober and presh. Just leave me by the side in the  seats, watching friends get drunk and wild, while I stay boring and bored and lame. Everybody happy!
15.) Have some awesome adventures with my SUPER-BOYFRIEND.
16.) TRY to stop being so lazy, specially when the weather is cold.
17.) Take more pictures. 
18.) Be nice to my loved one. Hello, the one I love. Stop calling him tanga-bobo-inutil-stupid-idiot-dumbass, and stop hitting him over and over again. .
19.) Have a new car perhaps? Dad..? 
20.) Stop leaving my FB logged in for people to think I am there when in truth, I am not for 80% of the time. If someone answers you with correct spellings and right punctuation marks, that’s definitely my brother, James.
21.) and lastly have a non-BRACEFACE this year

How did your January 1, 2013 started? :)
Mine did so great!

'till my next post. ♥

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